• Over 2 Million Sold!
• Must have for Back to School!
• No need to use the stove or pots again!
• Resuable and BPA Free!
• Reduces Sodium by 50%
• Makes Perfect Ramen and Mac every time!
At Home!
The Dorm!
The Office!

Rapid Ramen is the world’s fastest and easiest way to cook perfect ramen noodles. Simply place the ramen noodles in the Rapid Ramen Cooker, add water to the fill line, and place in the microwave for 3 minutes. With two heat resistant handles, retrieving the cooker out of the microwave is safe and simple. Your ramen noodles cook perfectly just the way you like them in minutes. It’s that easy! Rapid Ramen cooks the ramen noodles to perfection in less than half the time, every time! The Rapid Ramen Cooker uses only one cup of water compared to two cups on the stove. This allows you to use only half of the seasoning, which significantly reduces the sodium. It also rinses out easy and is dishwasher safe. Cooking ramen noodles just got faster and easier!

Rapid Mac is the world’s fastest and easiest way to cook perfect Mac & Cheese! Simply pour the macaroni into the Rapid Mac Cooker, add water to the fill line, microwave for 2:30 minutes, stir, and microwave again for 2 minutes. The Rapid Mac Cooker cooks your Mac & Cheese in less than 5 minutes compared to 20 minutes on the stove. Now you will never fuss with boiling water, draining noodles, or pots ever again! It also has heat resistant handles, rinses out easy, and is dishwasher safe. Easy to use, and makes delicious Mac & Cheese every time!

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